Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy in a school setting is considered a related service. It is provided to enhance the studentís ability to adapt and to function in his/her special education program. The therapist uses therapeutic techniques, purposeful activities, and strategies to lessen or remediate motor deficits as well as adapt learning materials in the classroom environment. Occupational therapy focuses on occupational performance as it relates to the studentís daily living skills, schoolwork activities, play skills or vocational skills. These performance areas may be affected by neuromuscular, sensorimotor, or cognitive deficits.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy in a school setting is considered a related service. It focuses on a childís ability to move as independently as possible in the school environment. Physical therapy interventions are designed to enable the student to travel throughout the school environment; participate in classroom activities, maintain and change positions in the classroom; as well as manage stairs, restrooms, and the cafeteria. School based physical therapy becomes involved when mobility, transportation, or related accessibility interferes with a childís ability to receive education, thereby making physical therapy educationally necessary.

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